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What People Are Saying

Lindsay is an absolute miracle worker. Before, my resume was a little embarrassing. I had great experiences, and did not communicate them well. She transformed my resume into something that I’m proud to share. Since she has helped me, I have received about 15 offers for interviews, and I start a new position on Monday that lines up with my experiences. Thank you for turning the jumbled mess from my brain into a well documented and organized collection of experiences that has shown my value to employers. I would not be here without you.

Sean Henry

Marketing Professional

Lindsay was incredibly helpful in rewriting my resume. My old resume was from a basic template I found a few years ago and it was lackluster, to say the least. After Lindsay walked me through the resume writing process and a couple revisions, I have a solid resume that is much fuller. The new resume landed me two interviews in just a few days. I highly recommend working with Lindsay for your resume needs!

Marty Himmel

Web Developer

I turned to Lindsay when I needed assistance on a cover letter that had me stumped. She told me what she needed (shared via a Google Doc to make it easier for us both), reviewed and made thoughtful recommendations to help me get through my mental block and complete the letter to meet my deadline. We spent a little time reviewing the job description to be sure all key points were covered and discussed some of my word choices so that she had a better sense of my intent. She is knowledgeable, professional, and easy to work with. I recommend her services without reservation!

Jonnelle Rein

Program Coordinator, Vanderbilt University

As a solo practice attorney, I had long been looking to getting out of working for myself and starting to work for a firm or corporation. When I turned to Lindsay to help me with my resume, I had previously had maybe 2 interviews in the previous 18 months. I sent my resume to Lindsay to be appraised and boy am I glad I did. Within two months of her rewrite on my resume, I received not only two interviews, but a job offer at a firm I have long wanted to work for! She definitely knows what she’s doing, and it doesn’t matter what field your job is in, she will find a way to make you stand out!

D.C. Roberts

Attorney at Law

After thirteen years in education, a major relocation meant starting the job search and interview process again. I was completely overwhelmed until Lindsay guided me through the process. With years of experience in preparing college students for entrance into the ‘real world,’ she knew exactly how to showcase my work history and unique professional experiences. She was delightful to work with, and the updated, polished resume helped give me confidence during the stressful job search process.

Meredith Duke

Songwriter and 6th - 12th Grade Music Teacher

After more than a decade at a firm, I unexpectedly lost my job and had to reenter the job market. I often help others with their resumes, so I put my own resume together with confidence. But, as an experienced writer/marketer, I know the importance of having others review your work. I sent my resume to Ms. Guenther and the next day she returned my resumes with a myriad of corrections, improvements and suggestions. In these days where a machine often reads your resume before a human ever looks at it, it is important to ensure that you include key words and phrases that flag your resume so that it stands apart from the crowd. I took many of Ms. Guenther’s suggestions and soon received a job opportunity that promises to be better than with my previous employers. Thanks!!

Will McDonald

Senior Marketing Coordinator

[The employer] let me know that they received 68 applicants for the job and that I applied the day after they closed it. But when the person who has been vetting the resumes (who doesn’t know me) saw mine come in – instead of giving me the standard “we’ve closed the position we’ll be in touch if we don’t find who we’re looking for in the current round” – she gave the resume to [the employer] and insisted that they break the rule for me to get through to the next round. Out of 68 (now 69) applicants, there were only SIX that they felt were worth interviewing/pursuing. [The employer] said that he was blown away by my résumé…
I am totally convinced that what you did with my resume and cover letter is the main reason why the meeting went so well. You perfectly communicated who I am as a person and gave me a platform to show off all that I’ve done.
I really appreciate all the hard work you put into my cover letter and resume. This job aside, the process gave me a lot of confidence in an area that I usually feel self conscious in – my abstract/seemingly crazy work background.
Kristen Hoover

Architectural Designer

She responded extremely quickly. The critique and advice she gave regarding my cover letter and resume were so extremely helpful and plentiful. She made it so organized and detailed, letting me know exactly what I can improve on and what needed slight changing. She also offered her advice for things to either add or take away and even offered mock interviews. She helped me focus a lot more on my main goal and what I wanted to portray through my cover letter and resume. The help and advice Lindsay gave completely exceeded expectations.

Dane Demchak


I was so glad to find Lindsay through a referral! I felt like my resume needed a makeover and speak to my dynamic experience, and she exceeded my expectations! With 10 years of teaching experience, I wanted my resume to demonstrate the skills that hopefully a new field will recognize when I’m ready to make the switch. Before using Lindsay’s services, I was rejected by a job that I really wanted, and it was outside of my academia experience so hopefully with new format she established, I’m able to demonstrate the ability to transfer my skills. I feel way better about my resume when I apply for jobs again.  Her approach to editing was streamlined and set it up so that I could see what changes she made and allowed me to answer her questions in a user-friendly way. Without a doubt, I will refer her to those who may need her services and foresee to using her other services again in the near future!

Rachel Berman

American Sign Language Instructor