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What To Expect


What You Can Expect from Me

  • Genuine investment in you and your success
  • A safe, supportive place to explore your interests, goals, and accomplishments
  • Thorough editing of your job search documents and detailed feedback emailed to you within 3 business days
  • Response to your emails and phone calls within 48 hours

What I Will Expect from You

  • Genuine investment in your own success
  • Willingness to reflect on your past experiences and explore future possibilities
  • Email your document(s) to me within 1 week of our initial consultation
  • Respond to my feedback within 1 week of receipt

Multiple Factors in Being Hired

As you are likely aware, there are many factors which contribute to a person being hired. While I will assist you in creating a high-quality résumé and cover letter, I cannot guarantee that you will be hired. While there are many “rules of thumb” about what employers typically want, every employer is different and may have different perspectives on what will make a successful applicant. You could be an excellent candidate for the job, but there could be an extremely competitive pool of other applicants as well.

I can, however, guarantee that you will be better at articulating your unique skills and qualities to employers so that you can apply for jobs with more confidence.